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About SolePictures

SolePictures organizes small group photography tours to provide a personal experience with both the destination and with Magdalena Solé. Travel is to locations that she has often visited dozens of times and therefore has a singular insight into the customs and culture you will experience.  Each journey is organized so that participants have achieved a particular skill level and therefore can contribute to the overall growth that these tours encourage.


SolePictures offer a unique experience because of small group size, itineraries that have been personally tested and the time allotted to review and discuss each participant's work. 


Magdalena has been a photographer for her life time, but in addition brings unique qualifications. She started and operated a graphic design business in Manhattan for 12 years. The company specialized in global brands, a specialty that requires an intimate knowledge of culture and customs. She received an MFA from Columbia University and her life’s experiences have required that she speak 8 languages fluently and a couple that she can make do in.  She brings each participant a comfort level in traveling and photographing that is unlikely to be found with anyone else.


Her work has been widely exhibited and appeared in numerous publications. Her photographs about the Mississippi Delta can be seen in her award winning book “New Delta Rising”.


About Magdalena Solé

MAGDALENA SOLÉ was born in Spain and grew up in Switzerland, as a daughter of Spanish immigrants.


She holds a Masters of Fine Art from Columbia University. Her work has won numerous awards, including the Silver Award in 2011 at PX3 Prix de la Photographie, France for her new book, "New Delta Rising" (University Press of Mississippi), and an Oscar for "Man On Wire" for which she was the Production Manager. Her work has been widely exhibited worldwide in over 20 solo exhibitions.

The Wall Street Journal in February 2012 called her images: “lushly colorful, formally striking, restless, and electrifying.” Most recently she won the prestigious Tokyo International Photography 2016 Competition.

Her work has been acquired by museums and private collections.

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