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We strongly urge you to take out insurance on your trip. It is vital for you to realize that if you experience a delay or find it necessary to cancel or cut short your trip for any reason, you will lose part or the entire sum you’ve invested. Travel insurance helps to minimize the risk of monetary losses you would incur in the event of a delay of your departure due to weather, airline strike, missed connection, your inability to travel for reasons such as illness, injury, unforeseen financial complications, other personal circumstances, or if you were required to cut your trip short for medical or any other reasons.

There are many different companies who provide trip insurance. Here are a few recommendations, but please look around as services and prices vary.

Travelex: The “Cancel for Any Reason” upgrade must be purchased within 30 days of the initial deposit/payment of your covered trip.

Here are some other choices:

Travel Guard

Travel Insurance Services
American Express' insurance plan for premier members
TEN (Travelers Emergency Network) offers a yearly membership for Emergency Evacuation Coverage
Seven Corners
Medjet Assist

Travel Insured
AllianzTravel Insurance
Insure My Trip

We strongly recommend insurance coverage for cancellation be taken at the same time as payment is made, as no exception to the cancellation provisions can be made. We also recommend provisions for curtailment, loss of luggage and personal effects. Please also make sure that your camera equipment is adequately insured and that your insurance is valid in the country we are traveling to.

We recommend the purchase of the optional supplemental travel insurance package to protect oneself in case of an unexpected medical emergency.


Each participant must be covered by medical insurance that is valid overseas. The applicant’s travel insurance must provide cover against personal accident, medical expenses, emergency repatriation and personal liability.


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